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Strap line for East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

Your views

The purpose of these forms is to gather your views on the Parish of East Bergholt:

  • What you like about the Parish
  • What you don't like
  • What you would like to see changed

These views will be used to build a questionnaire that will be circulated to everybody in the Parish later this year. The most popular responses to the questionnaire will be used to steer the policies in our Neighbourhood Plan. In this way everybody will influence the shape of the final Plan.

When you click NEXT you will be guided through 4 other pages, the first will ask some details about you, the others your views on each of the questions above.

When expressing your views, please use the ADD VIEW button to express different views in each section, this will make it easier for us to analyse your input. Also try not to repeat the same view more than once, it will have no influence on the final plan. Remember the final decision on what will be included in the Plan will be determined by the results of the questionnaire. The views you express here will be used to ensure appropriate questions are included.

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